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Gene Wilder Reaction Clip
Oh Really?
Oh Really?
Celebrity gif. Gary Payton spins his head around with wide eyes as if in shock.Movie gif. Wearing a suit and tie, a younger Nicholas Cage tries to appear interested in someone offscreen, but gives them a way-too-intense stare. Text: "You don't say?"Movie gif. Samuel L Jackson as John Shaft in the movie Shaft looks taken aback, stunned into silence.You Dont Say Stand Up GIFCelebrity gif. Rihanna rests her head on her hand with her finger on her temple. She looks at something with an agape mouth as if impressed or shocked at what she’s witnessing. Video gif. An interested baby with a surprised look brings their hand to their chin. Text, “O RLY?”Soraya Montenegro Reaction GIFMeme gif. The "blinking white guy" meme: a closeup of a man blinking with downplayed surprise.Staring Zoe Kravitz GIF by DOPE MovieTV gif. Nat Geo's Wild. Close up of a tamarin monkey as it looks at us with large eyes and tilts its head like it's confused or curious.Anna Kendrick Wow GIF by FocusWorldWilly Wonka Reaction GIFTV gif. Leonard Nimoy as Spock in Star Trek furrows his pointed brows. He blinks and slightly shakes his head as he walks away like he's trying to hide his judgment.sudden realization oh i see GIFDont Tell Me Susie Essman GIF by Curb Your EnthusiasmThe Office gif. Oscar Nuñez as Oscar Martinez cocks his head to the side with a blank facial expression. Text, "Really?"Oh Really GIFThe Big Lebowski Reaction GIFTV gif. Will Smith on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air sits very still on the couch with his legs cross, and his hands together on his knee. He is dressed like Carlton, in preppy clothes and has round glasses on.Movie gif. Wearing a patterned blazer, Bill Murray listens to someone offscreen. He turns to us with an unimpressed look that seems to say "can you believe this?"you dont say eva green GIFMansplaining Domitille Collardey GIF by Women's HistorySeason 2 Coffee GIF by The Fresh Prince of Bel-AirEddie Murphy Reaction GIF by Amazon Prime VideoAnimated GIF
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