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Oh Well
Fallen Birthday Cake Represents First 25 Years
That Ship Has Sailed
Fallen Birthday Cake Represents First 25 Years
Joe Biden Oops GIF by The DemocratsYup Thats Right GIF by Katelyn TarverSNL gif. John Krasinski tips his head to the side as he shrugs with a quirked half smile.TV gif. Seth Meyers on Late Night with Seth Meyers sits at his desk and gives a big shrug to the audience while a wide smirk spreads across his face. No Idea Idk GIF by Muppet WikiPlayers Association Sport GIF by NBPABrady Bunch Reaction GIF by MOODMANMovie gif. Will Ferrell as Ron in Anchorman tilts his head and raises a hand in indifference. Eddie Murphy Whatever GIF by Coming to AmericaTV gif. Reese Witherspoon, as Madeline in Big Little Lies, raises her eyebrows and shrugs her shoulder as if to say, “Oh well.”Who Cares James Harden GIF by NBPAIt Is What It Is Cats GIF by BuzzFeedShrug GIF by NETFLIXFuck It Season 11 GIF by One ChicagoMarlon Brando Movie GIFTold You Bloop GIF by The Roku ChannelKaty Perry GIFnicolas cage shrug GIFOver It Whatever GIF by Talk StoopNicki Minaj Whatever GIFExplaining Chris Hemsworth GIF by BuzzFeedSeason 7 Trailer GIFNever Mind Reaction GIF by MOODMANPaul Rudd Thinking GIFsigh GIF
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