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Otter Claps and Taps for Clams
Otter Claps and Taps for Clams
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Oregon Zoo Animals Frolic in Snow
otter GIFsea otter GIFVideo gif. A sea otter floats around a pool as its handler kneels nearby, holding onto the otter’s little paws to help it float. The otter gradually lets go and then claps its little hands excitedly, rubbing its face a few times between claps. Text, “You otter be proud of yourself!”Happy Dance GIFNo Way What GIF by Monterey Bay AquariumWildlife gif. An otter floats on its back in the water and rubs its head with both paws as it yawns.otter GIFotter GIFoh my god otter GIFotter GIFrubbing sea otter GIFotter GIFTired River Otter GIF by Oregon Zoootter GIFotter copying GIFotter GIFKeyboard Otter GIFVideo gif. Otter pulls a baby otter out of the water by its tail, yanking it onto land.i love otter GIFotter GIFotter GIFotter GIFOtter GIFbbc sherlock otter GIFotter GIF
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