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I'm Done, I'm Done, I'm Done
I Quit
No I'm Not
Happy Hour Drinking GIF by Saturday Night LiveAngry Over It GIF by SistersOver It Shout Out To My Ex GIF by Little MixTV gif. Jodie Comer as Villanelle in Killing Eve rests her head back as she sighs with a tear-stained face and says, "I don't want to do this anymore."Movie gif. We slowly zoom in on Whitney Houston, who sits on a couch wearing a buttoned-up white shirt and a black headband, as she silently listens to someone offscreen.Bored Over It GIFVideo gif. Machine that bangs a wooden head against a brick repeatedly.Big Brother Goodbye GIF by Global TVThe Office gif. Leslie David Baker as Stanley, seated, rolls his eyes exaggeratedly. He is exasperated to no end.Over It Eye Roll GIF by BETOver It Ugh GIF by Chelsea HandlerText gif. White text tilts on a purple background. Text, "I'm done with everything today."Sad Over It GIFBad Girls Club Shut Up GIF by OxygenOver It Maid GIFTired Over It GIFCelebrity gif. Musician Rihanna rolls her eyes and looks away in annoyance while seated in a crowd. TV gif. Allison Williams as Marnie in Girls. She looks fed up and says, 'I'm done," while putting her hand down, emphasizing her words. Disney gif. Animated Alice in Wonderland rests her arms on a table and her head in her palm, tapping her fingers methodically on her face and staring into the distance. She's bored AF. Cartoon gif. Hank Hill on King of the Hill holds a water hose that looks like a gun up to his head. He then pulls the trigger and sprays his head with water.Over It Whatever GIF by Rodney DangerfieldVideo gif. A young boy sitting in the back of a car with his arms crossed looks at us and rolls his eyes in annoyance.Over It I Give Up GIF by MOODMANPolitical gif. Four commentators are sitting together discussing the 2016 election and Angela Rye widens her eyes, as she's boggled by the discussion and looks to the side.Over It Eye Roll GIF
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