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Make It So Patrick Stewart GIFacting patrick stewart GIFShocked Patrick Stewart GIFTV gif. Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek. The camera zooms in on his serious face and the text reads, "Damn."Patrick Stewart Reaction GIFDigital art gif. Patrick Stewart's face is on a big ball that's rolling down a hill with a kitten running on top. Harrison Ford as Indian Jones is running away from the ball.TV gif. Patrick Stewart as Walter Blunt in Blunt Talk. He sits in a luxurious bed with a crochet beanie on and raises a glass at us proudly to cheers.Patrick Stewart Dancing GIFpatrick stewart resistance is futile GIFPatrick Stewart Everything GIF by Pixel Banditsenough patrick stewart GIFacting patrick stewart GIFChuckling Patrick Stewart GIF by Golden GlobesTV gif. Patrick Stewart as Captain Jean-Luc in Star Trek stares unblinkingly. The camera zooms in on him as he says, "Damn."Patrick Stewart Lol GIFStar Trek Drinking GIF by HULUCelebrity gif. An annoyed Patrick Stewart says, "I know that! I haven't completely lost my mind, you know?" scared wake up GIF by Blunt TalkDont Be Disgusting Blunt Talk GIF by Patrick StewartMovie gif. Patrick Stewart as Richard the Lionhearted in Robin Hood: Men in Tights. He wears chainmail and a crown and he regally winks at us, slowly and trek face palm GIFCelebrity gif. In front of an X-Men poster, Patrick Stewart wears a black blazer and a striped blue shirt. He speaks to us cheerfully: Text, "Damn that's good."star trek picard GIFGet Out Of Here Season 1 GIF by Blunt TalkTV gif. Patrick Stewart as Picard in Star Trek shrinks and looks amused and embarrassed, looking left and right and then at us, smiling.
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