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Wait Lemme Think
Quelque chose quand meme
Think about it.
I can't figure this out...
TV gif. Think about it guy, Kayode Ewumi points to his temple mischievously and looks into the camera. He's practically begging us to think about it.Celebrity gif. Denzel Washington is being interviewed on a Red Carpet event. He looks away with tight lips and rubs his chin as he ponders the question he’s been asked.Video gif. A man looks around confusedly while raising a fake arm that he's shoved into his jacket sleeve to scratch his forehead.Pondering Which One GIF by MonchoThink Barbara Dunkelman GIF by Rooster TeethTeacher Think GIF by bluesbearDigital art gif. Multiple thinking emojis appear and fade, crossing over and behind one another for dramatic effect.Think The Thinker GIF by Lost Cat™Video gif. A stubbly man looks up, pensively tilting his head as mathematical equations float around him.Cartoon gif. Inspector Gadget raises an eyebrow in contemplation as a mechanical hand strokes his chin.Wide Eyed Reaction GIF by MOODMANVideo gif. A young child sits in contemplation, looking around as if he is pondering something important. Beard Think GIF by VPROThinking Think GIF by yvngswagCelebrity gif. Wearing her Miss America 2017 crown, Savvy Shields stands with one hand on her hip and the other tapping her chin and looking around as if she is pondering something.Confused Uh Huh GIF by BouncePonder Rainy Day GIF by UncuteThink GIF by Women's HistoryThink The Matrix GIF by Alan WalkerDisney gif. The Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. She has a crinkly finger to her lip and her eyes shift side to side.Celebrity gif. Adam Lambert ponders something while he taps his chin.Thinking Think GIF by Big BrotherThink About It What GIF by Kiaundra JacksonPonder Michael Fassbender GIFsuspicious al roker GIF
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