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Please Don't Call On Me
Big Waves Slam Hong Kong Island as Typhoon Haima Hits
Dear Lord, Thank You For This Day
Fancy shoes
The Simpsons gif. Homer clasps his hands together in prayer and pleads with his eyes as he begs, "Please, please, please."Video gif. Baby bows its head, closes its eyes, and sways side to side, waving a hand out in front like its in rapture and praying for you.TV gif. Rita Moreno as Lydia in One Day At A Time. She looks absolutely appalled and she does the sign of the cross on herself.CervejaPraya sao joao junina junino praya GIFVideo gif. Two little boys sit across from one another and one of them is closing his eyes tightly and crossing his fingers with all his might. He's hoping really, really hard for something to come true. Magazine Revista GIF by Cerveja PrayaThank You GIF by How To GiphyRevista Ocyano GIF by Cerveja PrayaTV gif. A nervous man watching an NCAA college football game bounces up and down and folds his hands in prayer.Video gif. A man looks up with pleading eyes and clasps his hands together in desperation. He yells, “God, if you're listening, help!”Video gif. An overlay of Jesus Christ looking at the sunset as the water and clouds slowly move serenely.Video gif. Actor John C. Reilly as Dr. Steve Brule sits on a stool illuminated by a spotlight, his eyes closed and his hands clasped together in prayer.TV gif. Rico Rodriguez as Manny in Modern Family sits at a table during a family meal. Clearly distressed, he squeezes his eyes shut and performs the sign of the cross. Video gif. A man has his hands up and together, shaking them furiously like he’s praying. He also has a tissue in between his praying hands. He looks down with tightly closed eyes in desperation and grits his teeth as he says his prayers out loud. Movie gif. Dave Chappelle as Sir Smoke Alot from Half Baked clasps his hands in desperate prayer. Text, "Please God, if you!"TV gif. A reverent woman closes her eyes in worship while clapping and raising her hands to God and swaying in her seat during BET Sunday Service. The Simpsons gif. Homer prays on his knees "Jesus, Allah, Buddha, I love you all!" Video gif. A woman holds her hands up in grateful prayer, with happy tears in her eyes.Lionsgate Pray GIF by Prey for the DevilTV gif. A woman holds her hands together in a solemn prayer, and rests her head against her hands. Text, "Praying."Video gif. A sunset behind an ocean is casting a golden hue over the land and Jesus is overlaid on top of it.Cartoon gif. The puppet Gerbert puts his hands in a prayer position and presses it up to his forehead. He wails, "Please... get me out of this!"Video gif. A puppet named Gerbert prays with his hands folded and his head bowed. As he prays he looks at us for emphasis on his final words. Text, "dear, god thank you."TV gif. Rosanna Pansino puts her hands together and prays, playfully exclaiming: Text, "Please work!"TV gif. Anjelica Fellini as Maddie on Teenage Bounty Hunters walks down the hallway of her high school and suddenly is grabbed by another student who pulls her aside. Maddie is annoyed, but the student looks up to her with a genuine smile and says, “Just know I'm praying for you.”
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