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I Have A Question
I Have a Question
Make Some Noise
Avanti Nagral - Double Standards (Official Video)
Video gif. Singer Nick Jonas, wearing a bright yellow jacket, sheepishly raises his hand and looks around.TV gif. Neil Patrick Harris as Barney Stinson on How I Met Your Mother stands looking both confused and concerned. He quickly raises his hand to interject and get a word in.Pop Tv Hello GIF by Schitt's CreekMean Girls Movie GIF by filmeditorMean Girls Movie GIF by filmeditorVideo gif. Influencer Jackie James raises her hand in the air and bounces up and down in excitement as if she is volunteering for something. She says, “Me!”Celebrity gif. Chris Smith, a member of the band The Internet, raises his hand sheepishly but honestly. He looks around as he raises his hand, as if to find others in his corner.jenna fischer raise hand GIFVideo Game Gamer GIF by The Roku Channelmean girls raise hand GIFMean Girls Movie GIF by filmeditorMean Girls Movie GIF by filmeditorTV gif. Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank raises a hand to ask a question.high school GIF by CBCVideo gif. A baby in a high chair with a confused expression on his face lights up with inspiration. He raises his hand, index finger extended as if to share his bright idea.Celebrity gif. Cardi B is performing at an awards show and she holds a microphone and pouts widely while throwing up a hand to stop the crowd's noise.TV gif. Aaron Paul on Conan. He stands up and raises his hand in the air proudly.Reality TV gif. Jim Jefferies on the Jim Jefferies Show raises his hand and he looks around with a concerned look on his face as he says, “I’m gonna say yes.”Celebrity gif. Comedian Megan Gailey smiles and raises her hand on stage as if to say "it's me!"Amy Poehler Question GIF by NBCShame Reaction GIF by OriginalsPop Tv Goodbye GIF by Schitt's CreekThat 70S Show Raise Hand GIF by PeacockTVConor Mcgregor Cheer GIF by UFCEmoji Reaction GIF by Joseph Royal
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