sad pikachu56 GIFs
Pokemon Reaction GIFMovie gif. Pikachu from the Pokemon Movie looks at us with his ears turned down and big sparkling eyes that are welled up with tears. His lips quiver as his tears fall down his cheek in hopelessness.Anime gif. Pikachu looks up, sad and crying big tears, with his ears flopped down slightly.Sad Cry GIFSad Pokemon GIFSad Pokemon GIFpokemon what GIFsad pokemon GIFpikachu GIFsad ash ketchum GIFAnimated GIFpokemon GIFpokemon crying GIFMovie Crying GIFdies GIFpika GIFpokemon GIFthe johto league champions pokemon GIFcry crying GIFhistory GIFpokemon GIFpokemon GIFSad Television GIFAnimated GIFSad Crying GIF
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