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A Bit Scared
Spooky Kitty
Dog Freezes When He Sees Black Cat Decorations
Scared Cat GIFShocked Scaredy Cat GIF by TikTokVideo gif. A little kitten is very scared at what's approaching it and it quickly backs up and scurries into a corner, their blues eyes shining in fear.scared cat GIFIllustrated gif. Black cat on a blue background hisses at us in a spooked stance, its fur spiky and quivering. Three black lines on either side of the cat pop out, animated, for emphasis.scared cat GIFscared cat GIFscared cat GIFcat scare GIFscared cat GIFcat kitten GIFKitten Meow GIFscared cat GIFDance Rainbow GIF by RetroCollagecat surprise GIFscared cat GIFcat monsters GIFfunny kitten GIFNervous Black Cat GIF by KennymaysScared Scaredy Cat GIF by StoryfulShocked Scaredy Cat GIF by KETNIPZscared cat GIFscared cat GIFScared Oh No GIF by Kitty Is Not A Catkitten meow GIF
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