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Wish I Could Hug You
Miss Your Hugs
Puppy Hugs
I Need A Hug
Big Hug GIF by MyPostcardHeart Love GIF by Lucas and Friends by RV AppStudiosKawaii gif. An exuberant potato squints, then opens its eyes and arms wide as it blows a big kiss that sends several pink and purple hearts into the air. Text, "Air hug!"Illustrated gif. A black sketched figure with a round head, outstretched arms, and a heart on its chest. Above the figure, black text reads, "sending virtual hug." A rectangular progress bar slowly fills with text, "hug sent." Cartoon gif. Smiling red heart hug themself and blows a kiss, small hearts scattering all around them. Text, "Sending hugs!"Illustrated gif. Two cartoon ghosts, one labeled "me" throwing a ghostly heart-shaped balloon to the other, labeled "you." Text, "Sending extra love!"Illustrated gif. Line drawings of two dogs, one teal blue and one purple, show the teal dog hugging the purple dog warmly. Oscillating white text at the top reads, "Sending hugs!"Cartoon gif. A green dinosaur girl with blonde hair, a pink bow, and pink sneakers. She reaches up to give a hug, wagging her tail like a dog, with a big grin on her face. As she reaches up, the text “Sending hugs!” appears then pops like a balloon. Cheer Up Hug GIF by ChibirdAll The Love Thumbs Up GIF by Paula BainesPolar Bear Love GIFTake Care Hug GIF by Mino GamesFun Love GIF by MushydoodleI Love You Hug GIF by Sappy SealsDinosaur Love GIF by joeyahlbumKawaii gif. A round, white, bunny-like creature opens its arms, ready for a hug, with shining eyes and stars in the background. Text, "Sending you a hug!"Text gif. A heart spins as it moves past city buildings toward us. Text, “sending hugs.”Kind Love GIFIllustrated gif. A frowning pink creature wraps its long arms around a smaller blue creature with tears streaming down its cheeks. Illustrated gif. The text, "Sending you a big warm hug," slowly appears with arrows, swirls, hearts, and flowers. Hearts surround and squeeze the word "hug."Build A Bear Hug GIF by Build-A-Bear WorkshopText gif. A hand holding a bouquet emerges. Text, “Thinking of you.”EMBL_org hug embl send a hug european molecular biology laboratory GIFJagyasini Singh Sending GIFGet Well Soon Dog GIF by Microsoft Cloud
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