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Squid Shalom
Dog Flag
Shabbat Shalom Conan Obrien GIF by Team CocoShabbat Shalom GIF by Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of ReligionShabbat Shalom Houston GIF by AveryDigital art gif. Loaf of challah and candlesticks on a purple background, steep letters read, "Get lit."Shabbat Shalom Smiling GIFVideo gif. Lizzo snaps her fingers dramatically as she says "bitch," text, "Shabbat shalom, bitch!"Digital art gif. Woman's hand with blue purple nail polish holds the stem of a wine glass with red wine in it against a pink-and-yellow background, hot pink text appearing on the bowl reading, "TGIS, Thank God it's Shabbat."Shabbat Shalom Animation GIFCartoon gif. Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck bickering, take turns ripping down a posted notice to reveal another, "Shabbat, Shabbos, Shabbat, Shabbos."Shabbat Shalom Houston GIF by Averyshabbat shalom GIFShabbat Shalom Snl GIFHappy Ned Flanders GIFshabbat shalom israel GIFReset Slow Down GIF by INTO ACTIONshabbat GIFSwipe Up Shabbat Shalom GIF by The Bacon GuysShabbat Shalom GIF by Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJShabbat Shalom Jewish GIF by Israel Lacrosse Associationshabbat shalom jewish GIFJewish Shabbat GIF by Thank You HashemText gif. Smiley face sticker rolls in, closely followed by another that says "Shabbat fit," then a Hamsa, then another sticker with a smiley face that bears the message "Shabbat shalom," over a man-on-the-street photo of an unshaven Adam Sandler wearing an oversized pink t-shirt and his signature basketball shorts.shabbat shalom thumbs up GIFTogether We Stand Social Media GIF by Marcel Katz / The Art PlugFriday Night GIF by OneTable Shabbat
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