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So Fresh
You Are Never Playing This At My House
I Thought I Was Gonna Be Ballsy
I Gotta Look At This From All Angles
Video gif. Actress Shay Mitchell wearing all black, dances against a white background, arms in the air. She lifts one foot off the ground and shakes her booty for the camera.Run Away Canadian GIF by Shay MitchellClick Canadian GIF by Shay MitchellCanadian Sigh GIF by Shay MitchellCanadian Model GIFCelebrity gif. Shay Mitchell looks at someone sideways and nods slowly but eagerly. She inhales and bites her lips while nodding. Happy Canadian GIF by Shay MitchellTired Canadian GIF by Shay Mitchellshay mitchell hello GIF by Mother’s DayCelebrity gif. Shay Mitchell fist bumps her workout buddy saying "nice job!"Confused Canadian GIF by Shay MitchellCelebrity gif. Shay Mitchell juts her head out, frowns and lifts her eyebrows, and shrugs with her palms up.Pretty Little Liars Thumbs Up GIFPretty Little Liars GIF by FOX Teen Choicemissing shay mitchell GIFShay Mitchell Hello GIF by E!Celebrity gif. A pregnant Shay Mitchell does a little dance as she shakes her hips and thrusts her chests while moving her arms. Text, “It’s Hump Day!”Video gif. Shay Mitchell reads aloud as she is texting someone. She then looks up at us with a dry, unamused expression. Text, "LOL."Celebrity gif. Shay Mitchell swings her hands above her head happily as she spins in a circle. Text, "It's Tuesday! It's Tuesday!"happy i love you GIF by LifetimeCelebrity gif. Shay Mitchell dances around, waving her arms in the air and turns in a circle. Text, “It’s Tuesday! It’s Tuesday!”Canadian Dancing GIF by Shay MitchellSexy Canadian GIF by LifetimeGetting Ready Canadian GIF by Shay MitchellIm Pregnant Canadian GIF by Shay Mitchell
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