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Celebrity gif. Dreezy glances to the side as she holds a white mug and sips daintily with her pinky up. Tea Time Drink GIF by VH1Tea Time Oops GIF by TERRELLdrag race sips tea GIF by Shalita GrantVideo gif. Kermit the Frog, sitting in front of a brightly lit window, happily sips a cup of hot Lipton out of a clear mug. He takes a sip, then mouths, "Ahhhh." Now that's the tea.Tea Time Reaction GIF by Robert E BlackmonTea Time Drink GIFReal Housewives Of Atlanta Drink GIFCelebrity gif. Kim Kardashian looks at us as she sips tea from a cup.Celebrity gif. Franchesca Ramsey takes a sip from a tea cup and forcefully blinks her eyes  as she lowers the cup. Deal Or No Deal Tea GIF by NBCCelebrity gif. Wrestlers Lacey Evans and Charlotte Flair wear fancy clothes while sipping tea from white cups. They look around with alluring eyes like they're ready for some juicy gossip.Jada Pinkett Smith Drinking GIF by DreamWorks AnimationTV gif. An annoyed Wendy Williams looks left of frame as she shakes her head. She gives us a quick knowing look as if to say "can you believe what I have to put up with?", then takes a peaceful sip from a pink mug with her name on it.Sassy Drag Race GIF by TAZOReality TV gif. Kendall Jenner from Keeping Up With The Kardashians raising her eyebrows and looking away, choosing to disregard the situation and sipping her tea.the tea gossip GIF by Karen CivilCelebrity gif. Rapper Cardi B sits in a red chair holding a tea cup in her well manicured hands. She has her eyes closed and she laughs. It looks like she’s chewing gum as she brings the cup up to her mouth.Lesley Manville Tea GIF by Phantom Threadtea cup GIF by Robert E BlackmonMusic video gif. From the video for French Montana's "No Stylist," Slick Rick wears a light blue shirt, hat, and eyepatch, and sips tea while sitting up in a convertible driving through a city.Video gif. A blonde woman with a cold, calculating stare sips a drink through a straw without changing her expression.Movie gif. Lady Gaga as Patrizia in House of Gucci. She's wearing ski gear and she takes a sip of her espresso as she stands in the snow.Sean Connery Drinks GIF by James Bond 007Tea Time Eye Roll GIF
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