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Well done!
Slow clap
Sarcastic Congratulations
I'm here for the applause
mad men slow clap GIFVideo gif. A man on a street wearing a coat and newsboy cap with a tight, proud expression on his face gives a slow clap.slow clap GIFcongratulations slow clap GIFTV gif. Joe Minoso as Joe from Chicago Fire raises his eyebrows and nods, giving a smug frown as he claps his hands slowly.Stephen Colbert Slow Clap GIFclapping slow clap GIFslow clap GIFVideo gif. We see a studio audience with tiered seating, where almost everyone is applauding, but a man in a teal polo shirt is asleep. He wakes up, a bit disoriented, and starts clapping without understanding why.Season 9 Good Job GIF by FriendsClapping Slow Clap GIF by Davey And Jonesie's Lockerdaily show slow clap GIFMeme Reaction GIFFriends Tv Slow Clap GIFVideo gif. A black and white video of a man in a suit and bow tie, gazes ahead intently as he claps slowly. Video gif. Trooper Mac slow-claps us with unwavering eye contact. He's joined by Trooper Thorny, Trooper Foster, Trooper Rod, and Trooper Rabbit, all slow clap GIFVideo gif. Group of men in suits slow-clap and stand behind a man who sits in a chair, raising his cocktail glass to us approvingly.slow clap GIFMicrosoft Windows Applause GIF by WindowsParks and Recreation gif. Aubrey Plaza as April on Parks and Recreation has a fake smile on her face as she holds her hands up close to her face and claps very small claps. She quietly says, Yay.”only one slow clap GIFCharlie Sheen Applause GIFVideo gif. A man in an elaborate suit smirks slightly as he slow claps beneath a flashing light box that says, "Applause."one direction slow clap GIF
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