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It's True
And That's A Fact
'Cause It's True
Alarm Clock
Text gif. Black cursive text that says "so true," wiggles on a red background.TV gif. Jim Parsons as Sheldon in Big Bang Theory holds a bowl and a pair of chopsticks, sitting on a couch. He looks over and says pointedly, "It's funny because it's true," which appears as text.Seinfeld gif. Michael Richards as Kramer sits in a chair, pointing at someone and then pausing to blankly think. He says, “That’s true” and gives a worried smile. TV gif. In a scene from Desus and Mero, a cheerful young woman in a black jacket punctuates her words by pointing offscreen. Text, "True that, true that".Celebrity gif. Miriam Shor seated at a desk looks down at her hand as she plays with an oversized black ring on her pinky finger and then regards the person seated across from her. Text, "That is not untrue."Ad gif. A man sits at a bar and laughs as he holds his glass of beer near his face. The little Shock Top orange mascot sits on a Beer tap handle also laughing, Text, “That’s true.”Video gif. A man with a goatee holds a finger to his face as he casually drives a van. Text, "True" (repeating).Anime gif. Jiro Horikoshi in The Wind Rises sits at a desk and writes with a pen on paper, as wind violently whips upwards around him, making his clothes thrash wildly, and pages from his desk fly away.Schitt's Creek gif. Dustin Milligan as Ted purses his lips and nods as he says, "That makes sense."Schitt's Creek gif. Dan Levy as David shakes his head in disappointment and says "I wish I was joking."TV gif. Robin Lord Taylor as Oswald nods his head with a smug smile on his face as he says, “How true.”Movie gif. Rachel McAdams as Regina from Mean Girls is standing in a bedroom and she shrugs, unconcerned, and says, "Still half true."TV gif. Maya Erskine as Maya and Anna Konkle as Anna on Pen15. They're sitting next to each other and smile awkwardly while Anna pets her hair and says, "That's so true. Wow." TV gif. Sitting in a fancy chair, wearing a red "Bodega Boys" cap and a sweater over a black hoodie, Desus Nice of Desus and Mero smirks and points to us.Amy Lee Evanescence GIF by BuzzFeedTV gif. Luka Sabbat as Luca from Grownish sits wearing a yellow cardigan. He speaks casually offscreen, punctuating his words with a slight toss of his hands, then glances to the side. Text, "All facts."Reality TV gif. Kourtney Kardashian sits with her arms crossed. She has a slightly serious look on her face and nods as she says, “True dat.” Video gif. A person points to a lie detector chart. Text, “...No Lies Detected…” Celebrity gif. Hailey Bieber is on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. She sits, getting interviewed by Jimmy, and she looks out to the crowd shrugging. She says, “Right?” with a big smile, hoping to find someone in the crowd who agrees. The Office gif. Rainn Wilson as Dwight holds a hand up to his face and sternly nods his head. Text, "It's true"Cartoon gif. Thomas O'Malley in The Aristocats nods with a smug look on his face as he says, “True, true.”Celebrity gif. Youtuber JonTron holds his bird in his hand and nods at it sarcastically as he says, “Well, yep, yeah, I'm Aware.”fat amy tumblr obsessed GIFDigital art gif. The word "Truuuuuuu" appears over and over again in front of a photo of a man wearing a black hoodie and tons of flashy gold jewelry.happy laugh GIF
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