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I'm Trash
I'm Sorry, What?
I Apologize
I'm Still Incredibly Sorry
Celebrity gif. Sitting in a car, an angry Tracy Morgan shakes his head vigorously and yells, “NOPE. NOPE. HMMMMM NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO HELL NO. NO! NO!”Big Brother Bb21 GIF by Big Brother After DarkChampions League No GIF by VfL WolfsburgNo Way Smh GIF by Desus & MeroCelebrity gif. Bruce Lee has a large, over exaggerated smile that slowly disappears until he looks utterly unimpressed and a little annoyed.Video gif. A bird shakes their head back and forth, rapidly and endlessly.Sorry Not Sorry School GIFCelebrity gif. Actor Danny Devito furiously shakes his head "no."Sorry Na GIF by SixtCharlize Theron No GIF by AccessLate Night gif. Seth Meyers sits at his desk with his hands folded and he shakes his head back and forth vehemently while smirking. Text, "Sorry, but still no."Leighton Meester Smile GIFDislike GIF by MOODMANSeason 6 Episode 26 GIF by SpongeBob SquarePantsBritney No GIFNot Doing That No Way GIF by CBCNada Koreantagno GIF by Wiz KhalifaTV gif. David Harbour as Jim Hopper on Stranger Things looks down, shaking his head and shrugging his shoulders. He says, “Nope.”At First I No GIF by Lil YachtyLaugh No GIF by WAXConfused GIF by Debby RyanTV gif. Jake Johnson as Nick Miller in New Girl pouts, frowns, and shakes his head "no."Reality TV gif. Heather Dubrow from Real Housewives of Orange County smiles and blinks with sass. Text, "Uh...No."Celebrity gif. Aretha Franklin onstage with a band, smiling as she shakes her head and says, "I don't think so!" which appears as text.Thumbs Down GIF by Troi Irons
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