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"Parasite" Standing Ovation
TV. A audience stands up from their seats and start cheering. Most people clap, some people pump their firsts, and some of them are screaming in excitement. standing ovation oscars GIF by The Academy AwardsCelebrity gif. Lin Manuel Miranda at the Tony Awards, stands up in the audience, and applauds enthusiastically for someone off screen, a look of happiness and almost disbelief on his face.Well Done Good Job GIF by America's Got TalentCelebrity gif. Bill Murray gives a celebratory gesture as he stands in applause. Standing Ovation GIF by EmmysApplaud Standing Ovation GIF by Black MarketReality TV gif. Two girls in the audience of Maury pop up, cheering.Standing Ovation Succession GIF by EmmysChristopher Nolan Ovation GIF by BAFTAOscars 2024 GIF. Sterling K Brown and Ryan Michelle Bathe, applaud and cheer with joy, Sterling cupping his hands and hollering.Simon Cowell GIF by America's Got TalentBlake Shelton Singing GIF by The VoiceExcited Emmy Awards GIF by EmmysParks and Recreation gif. Chris Pratt as Andy Dwyer lights up in excited surprise as he reacts to shocking news with his mouth agape.Season 22 Singing GIF by The VoiceSeason 23 Singing GIF by The VoicePolitical gif. Bill Clinton stands in applause giving Bernie Sanders a standing ovation. Well Done Applause GIF by MOODMANCelebrity gif. The audience at the 1997 Oscars all clap and stand up in a standing ovation. Will Smith looks up at the stage with a proud smile and claps.Standing Ovation Applause GIF by Film Independent Spirit AwardsSeason 11 Yes GIF by The VoiceExcited Standing Ovation GIF by Empire FOXOscars 2024 GIF. Kate McKinnon, at the Oscars, loudly cheers “Woooooo!”Season 23 Singing GIF by The Voice
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