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What's Up, ATL?
Sup Man?
Video gif. A very small kitten lays in a pile of blankets. Its arms are crossed and its head is titled, looking up at the camera with a cool, but cute expression. In one swift motion, its back foot pops up like it’s waving. Text: “ ‘Sup?” Sup Hello GIF by The DetourTonight Show gif. Jimmy Fallon as host nods in recognition saying "Sup?" and gesturing with his hand. Adam Devine Workaholics GIFTV gif. Adam Devine as Adam in Workaholics raises a peace sign in greeting. Text, "What up dogg?"Video gif. In a living room, we see a black dog lying down on a blanket with its head out of frame. The dog suddenly sits up and turns to us with its tongue hanging out. Text, "Sup?"sup GIF by Nat Geo Wild Movie gif. Dressed as a nurse in full Joker makeup, Heath Ledger as The Joker in The Dark Knight smiles creepily and says, “hi.”Whats Up Cat GIF by Memes GIFsryan gosling sup GIFWhats Up Hair Flip GIF by DyoKristen Wiig Sup GIFWildlife gif. A baby seal cuddles backwards into a pile of snow and raises a paw while looking at us. Text, "Sup."Yo Sup GIFsup GIFWhats Up Hello GIF by LOCOS ONLYBird GIFTop Hat Reaction GIFSup Reaction GIFentrance sup GIFSpirited Away Hello GIFSports gif. Kyle Clifford wearing his LA Kings hockey jersey and a ball cap, sits in an arena, smiling and waving at us with three missing front teeth.pure heroine sup GIFCat Sup GIFWhats Up Yo GIF by Studios 2016
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