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Nighty Night
Good Night
Sleeping Doggy Snores Loudly
Digital illustration gif. Crescent moon smiles as its sleeps, surrounded by three sleepy cartoon stars that blink on and off. Text, "Sweet dreams."Sweet Dreams Sleep GIF by CreepzCartoon gif. Chippy the Dog sits on a pillow looking at us. Text reads, "My last thought of the day is about you." He holds out a finger to turn off a light switch and the screen turns to black, a single pink heart against a black background. Sweet Dreams Smile GIF by CrestGood Night Sleep GIF by Strawberry ShortcakeSweet Dreams GIFDigital compilation gif. Real teddy bear wearing a gray robe overlayed with sparkles sits in a window sill as the stars and a moon twinkle in the night sky. Text, "Good night sweet dreams from my heart to yours."Good Night Love GIF by Chippy the DogDigital illustration gif. Smiling full moon with bright green eyes, full eyelashes, and full red lips makes a sweet, kissy face as stars glisten in the background. Text, "Good Night. Sweet Dreams."Digital art gif. A drawing of a moon kissing a sleeping star. Text, “goodnight kisses.”Cartoon gif. Jiminy Cricket in the original Disney Pinocchio movie kicks off his shoes and lays down in his matchbook bed. He yawns and pulls the matchbook cover like it’s a blanket.Good Night GIFText gif. The words "good night...zzzz" flash on and off in the style of a neon sign, accompanied by an equally neon crescent moon with a face. Good Night Sleep GIF by wishafriendDespicable Me gif. A young Gru and two Minions lay asleep in bed. A cheery third Minion in a red bathrobe leaps into bed, waking them up as he makes himself comfortable. Gru is annoyed, but the Minion with the teddy bear doesn't seem bothered in the least.Good Night Moon GIF by wishafriendGood Night GIF by YevbelCartoon gif. Sleepy squirrel tucked in bed wearing a purple night cap and squeezing an animal plushy. Above the squirrel, letters rock back and forth gently, "Good Night."I Love You GIF by Chippy the DogCartoon gif. A floating yellow Dino Sally pterodactyl-like character yawns and drops down onto a pillow and blanket and goes to sleep. Yellow bubble text appears against a blue background: "Good night." Digital compilation gif. Sleeping cartoon boy on a smiling crescent moon that rocks back and forth below glowing green text that says, "Good night" against a picture of a night sky just after sunset. Good Night Dreaming GIF by Chippy the DogGood Night 3D GIF by OpticalArtInc.Sleepy Good Night GIF by Extreme ImprovGood Night Kawaii Cat GIF
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