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Tax Season
Do I Pay My Taxes? No.
Tax Return Season
Celebrity gif. Kim Kardashian is seated against a blue background, sliding bills into the air from a stack of cash in her hands. Text, "Cash monaaaaaaaay."April 15 Taxes GIF by INTO ACTIONHallmark Ecards Money GIF by Hallmark Gold CrownTaxes Tax Season GIF by giphystudios2021Video gif. Man holds up a cash cannon that sprays money as he leans on a cane in front of a jade green background. Text, "Tax season."Cat Laptop GIFTaxes Accountant GIF by Natalie PalamidesMoney Burn GIF by nogTaxes Tax Season GIF by giphystudios2021April 15 Lightning GIF by INTO ACTIONVideo gif. Woman wearing a white hijab smiles and throws her arms up as cash rains down around her in front of a purple background. Text, "Tax refund!"Tax The Rich Joe Biden GIF by GIPHY NewsDigital art gif. A smiling, white cloud excitedly waves its squiggly arms in the air, raining green dollar bills downwards.Black Cat GIF by America's Funniest Home VideosDigital art gif. A golden United States dollar sign spins around in a sunset colored background. The dollar sign glistens as it turns.Video gif. Woman wearing a white hijab fans herself with a stack of money as she gazes at us knowingly in front of a background with bundles of cash.Tax Day GIF by Sara CoppMovie gif. Tom Cruise as Jerry Maguire shouts the catchphrase into his phone. Text, "Show me the money!!!"Stephen Colbert Tax Day GIF by The Late Show With Stephen Colbertrihanna irs GIF by mtvApril 15 Animation GIF by Sappy SealsCelebrity gif. We see Rihanna in an armchair during an interview, wearing a light blue coat and large hoop earrings. Looking straight at us, she rubs her fingers and thumbs together as if to say "let's talk money."Video gif. A close-up on twenty-dollar bills endlessly spilling out of an ATM.TV gif. A worried Dave Chappelle, wearing sunglasses and a crown, clutches stacks of money to his chest.poor john travolta GIF
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