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Celebrity gif. Dolly Parton holds a plate and large mug in her hands. She takes an exaggerated sip out of the cup,winks at the camera, and turns to give a slight devious smirk. TV gif. Mero of Desus and Mero drinking tea and looking smug. Text, "tea report!"Video gif. Kermit the Frog, sitting in front of a brightly lit window, happily sips a cup of hot Lipton out of a clear mug. He takes a sip, then mouths, "Ahhhh." Now that's the tea.Celebrity gif. Dreezy glances to the side as she holds a white mug and sips daintily with her pinky up. Celebrity gif. Actress Amber Riley sits and holds a mug close to her face. Her eyes are big as she looks around like she just heard or said something she shouldn't have then takes a sip of her drink.Tea Time GIF by buzzfeedladylikeThe Office gif. Rainn Wilson as Dwight slyly dips a teabag in and out of a mug of hot water as Leslie David Baker as Stanley and Phyllis Smith as Phyllis look on, giggling.TV gif. Questlove on the Tonight Show sits behind a drumkit and rhythmically, emphatically taps at the air with his drumsticks while speaking. Text, "Spill the tea!"Reality TV gif. Wendy Williams is on the Wendy Williams show and she looks very amused as she looks around at the audience with wide eyes and a closed lipped smile. She picks up her teacup and takes a big sip while staring directly at us.Video gif. A teacup on a saucer is filled with tea in slow motion.TV gif. Morticia Addams from the Addams Family sips a cup of tea with a mysterious smile on her face.Movie gif. From The Piano, we are looking down from the perspective of someone holding a decorative teacup, stirring it with a spoon.Celebrity gif. Rapper Cardi B sits in a red chair holding a tea cup in her well manicured hands. She has her eyes closed and she laughs. It looks like she’s chewing gum as she brings the cup up to her mouth.hugh laurie tea GIFKawaii gif. Timmy from Loof and Timmy sits smiling in a large striped cup of tea. A tea bag label reads "Tea Rex".TV gif. Airline employee Jordan Peele from Key and Peele shows he doesn't care by taking a long, deliberate sip of coffee with his pinky out.Video gif. A cute little boy sips from a white mug with a judgemental expression on his face. Tea Time Drinking GIF by HarlemAnime gif. Two hands resting on a table hold a steaming cup of tea.Muppets gif. Kermit the Frog sips a cup of tea then we cut to him in a robe watering some flowers as he gazes toward us. Text, "But that's. None of my business."Video gif. A man wearing a hat and vest looks from one direction to the other, wide-eyed, searching, and hopeful. Text, "Is there tea?"Sports gif. A bulky pro wrestler backstage drinking from a teacup that he wears like a ring on his finger.Love This GIFMovie gif. Leslie Howard as Professor Henry Higgins in Pygmalion, decked out in bold glasses, pipe in his mouth, stirs his tea, nodding and listening.tea GIF
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