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Tea Time
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TV gif. Mero of Desus and Mero drinking tea and looking smug. Text, "tea report!"Tea Time Reaction GIF by Robert E BlackmonShocked Drag Race GIF by Robert E BlackmonVideo gif. Kermit the Frog, sitting in front of a brightly lit window, happily sips a cup of hot Lipton out of a clear mug. He takes a sip, then mouths, "Ahhhh." Now that's the tea.Cartoon gif. Tea pours from a porcelain pot into a matching teacup while a small orange woman swims inside. Tea Time GIFDigital art gif. A rough sketch of a mug sitting on a plaid tablecloth with the text above reading, "Tea time."tea time GIF by Daniela ShererCoffee Time GIF by Bombay SoftwaresReality TV gif. A man on Basketball wives takes a sip of his drink and has a nervous smile on his face. Tea Time GIF by buzzfeedladylikeMusic video gif. From the video for French Montana's "No Stylist," Slick Rick wears a light blue shirt, hat, and eyepatch, and sips tea while sitting up in a convertible driving through a city.Celebrity gif. Rapper Cardi B sits in a red chair holding a tea cup in her well manicured hands. She has her eyes closed and she laughs. It looks like she’s chewing gum as she brings the cup up to her mouth.Reality TV gif. Wendy Williams is on the Wendy Williams show and she looks very amused as she looks around at the audience with wide eyes and a closed lipped smile. She picks up her teacup and takes a big sip while staring directly at us.Video gif. Two women hold very large tea cups with both hands. They look at each other with big, wide eyes, and smirks on their faces. They both lift the tea cups to their faces to take sips out of them. Text, “Tea time.”tea time GIFCartoon gif. Close-up of someone steeping tea, pouring water from a kettle into a cup as steam whiffs away, from DC Comics' Batman.Tea Time Drinking GIF by HarlemVideo gif. Hand pours clear liquid out of a sleek gray teapot into a small gray cup. An intricate piece of smooth woodwork rests behind the cup, and the background is dark with hazy glints of red and blue lights.Illustrated gif. A mom and baby koala bear are sitting in a tree, holding tea cups. Text, “Koala tea time.”Video gif. Kamie Crawford drinks from a large tea cup that covers her whole face, lowering it to look at us skeptically before looking off screen.Cartoon gif. A logo in the style of the Jurassic Park logo. There is a t-rex holding a cup of tea which it waves over top of the banner. Below the banner are a few tea cups and tea pots. The banner reads, "Tea-Rex," spelled like the drink. Reality TV gif. Anne-Sophie Petit from Selling Tampa waves her hands around and looks expectant as she asks, "What's the tea?"Illustrated gif. Teal tea cup filled to the brim looks from side to side with round eyes above a small black lined smile. Text, "You're Tea-riffic."Tea Time GIF by DefyTV
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