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Tears Of Unfathomable Sadness
Tears Are So Yummy
I'm Like So Sad
Down Goes Duke
Reality TV gif. A woman from the show A Double Shot at Love looks heartbroken and rests her head on her hand as she wipes away her tears. She nods as if she’s sadly agreeing with something. Video gif. A man with tears streaming down his face looking off, putting his hand on top of his head.Movie gif. Three quick zoom-ins on Tobey Maguire's face as he sheds a single tear.TV gif. Bernard Cribbins as Wilfred Mott in Doctor Who. He looks immensely distraught and is at the brink of sobbing, as he struggles to wave goodbye and clutches his mouth in sadness. Cartoon gif. Closeup of Morty in Rick and Morty as his frown quivers and tears well in his eyes.Cartoon gif. Mr. T blinks with a furrowed brow as a single tear drips from his eye.Meme gif. Little boy being interviewed by a KTLA reporter, smiles and laughs but then starts crying, covering his face with his hands.Disney gif. Sadness from Inside Out wails with her head back while tears spew from her eyes like a fountain.TV gif. Anthony Anderson as Dre on Blackish weeps while lying sideways on a sofa with his hands tucked under his head.Anime gif. We see an extreme close-up of a girl's face, her eyes welling with tears and her face red with emotion.Sad Oprah Winfrey GIFSad Tears GIFSad Tears GIF by Ryan SeslowTears Crying GIFJohn Boehner Crying GIFVideo gif. A close up shot of a plastic baby doll with very human-like eyes. Fat tears spill from the eyes and its mouth is slightly agape. Sad Its Over GIF by Pudgy MemezEmoji Reaction GIFSad Alice In Wonderland GIFSad Naomi Campbell GIFSad Jim Gaffigan GIFSad Sport GIFsad ao no exorcist GIFSad Tears GIF by MOODMANtears crying GIF
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