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Little Thumbs Up
Dwight Gives a Thumbs Up
You Can Do It
Sofa so good
Movie gif. Sacha Baron Cohen as Borat sits in front of a map and raises his two thumbs, waggling his eyebrows and giving an approving nod and toothy grin.TV gif. We look up at Rowan Atkinson as Mr. Bean wearing medical scrubs. He pulls down a surgical mask, gives a gloved thumbs up, and smiles maniacally.SpongeBob gif. SpongeBob pretends to crank his fist like a jack-in-the-box, and his thumb rises and pops out for a thumbs up. He then gestures to his thumb like "eh? What do you think?"Digital art gif. A giant green hand with legs smiles happily and bounces, giving a big thumbs up.TV gif. Timmy from Shaun the Sheep blinks and extends 2 thumbs up as a lopsided grin emerges on the side of his face.Happy Great Job GIF by FOMO DuckMovie gif. Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark in Iron Man slides on sunglasses with a smooth grin on his face. He gives a thumbs up as people in business attire and military uniforms stand and clap behind him. Celebrity gif. Michael Torpey gestures to pull something out of his coat pocket, then pulls out his hand, giving us a thumbs up.Ad gif. Man with a beard and a plaid button up shirt stands next to a rocky river in the wilderness. He looks at us with a smug smile, holding a Busch beer in one hand, giving a big thumbs up with the other.Ad gif. 1990s clip from an Apple Promo of Brent Rambo looking at a desktop computer nodding and smiling, then looking at us and giving a thumbs up.Movie gif. Actor Chow Yun-fat leans out of a doorway casually chewing while giving a cool, confident thumbs-up of approval.TV gif. Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter looking down at a body of water, turns around and gives a double thumbs-up, mouthing "that's good."Seinfeld gif. Michael Richards as Kramer looks back, smiling, as he walks out the door, which is about to close on his hand giving a thumbs up.Video gif. A toddler grins wide, raising their hand and giving an exuberant thumbs up at us. Their nose krinkles under their big smile. Movie gif. Wearing a brown suit jacket, Charlie Day gives us a blank look as several people walk by him in the background. After a second, he raises a hand to give us a thumbs up, then walks out of frame.Video gif. A toddler sits at a table with a cracker in her hands. She looks at us with a big excited smile and then grins while giving a big thumbs up. Text, “Thank you!”Video gif. A man chewing gives a big thumbs up in a doorway as if approving of the food. Star Wars gif. Two people dressed as Storm Troopers give a simultaneous thumbs up at us, standing on a city sidewalk.SpongeBob SquarePants gif. SpongeBob smiles and gives two thumbs up, and then a dozen more hands giving thumbs up bud out from all sides of his body. Text, "Many thumbs up."Celebrity gif. A young Keanu Reeves stands in the rain smiling. He raises up his arm and gives an enthusiastic thumbs up.Cartoon gif. An awestruck young Carl Fredricksen from Up wears an aviator cap while watching a movie in a theater. He pulls goggles over his eyes, and gives a smiling thumbs-up to the screen.TV gif. Mary Kate or Ashley Olsen as Michelle on Full House, giving a thumbs up and saying "you got it dude."Cartoon gif. Batman from Batman: The Animated Series stands in the corner of a cave and stares down at us. He gives us a thumbs up, never changing expressions during it.Ad gif. Sitting in front of an old computer, '90s child actor Brent Rambo gives a robust thumbs up to the camera, his mouth a confident upside-down crescent. His autograph is superimposed onto the scene, giving the impression that his stamp of approval truly matters. TV gif. A clip from a 90s Apple promo shows a young Brent Rambo sitting at a computer. He has a cool smirk and nods his head at the screen. The camera zooms in closer as he looks straight at us with a very serious look on his face, still nodding. He holds up a big thumbs up, giving a very serious, and somewhat awkward approval.
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