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It's Gonna Be Yuge
Trump Mug Shot
We're Gonna Kick A**
Video gif. With an animated body that is playing tennis while twerking, Donald Trump makes a surprised face.Donald Trump GIF by Election 2016Political gif. Donald Trump nods his head. He smiles smugly as he glances to the side.Political gif. Donald Trump makes some goofy faces: taken aback, impish, and one where he just sort of leaves his mouth open.Video gif. Donald Trump stands behind a microphone in front of American flags, giving a smug smile as he shrugs and raises his arms like he doesn't have an answer. Donald Trump Republicans GIF by Election 2016Political gif. Donald Trump leans forward with his hands extended, palms facing as he appears to utter "yuge". Text in all caps, "yuge".TV gif. Donald Trump during a presidential debate listens with a bored expression on his face. He then spits out a laugh and turns away as if something stupid was said to him.Donald Trump Yes GIF by Election 2016Donald Trump GIF by Election 2016cat trump trump 2020 poltics GIFPolitical gif. A younger Donald Trump seems to be dancing to music, but isn't putting much effort into it.Trump Boat GIF by MOODMANPolitical gif. Donald Trump stands at a podium with a wry look on his face. The camera zooms into his mouth as he dramatically says the word "Wrong."Donald Trump Wwe GIF by Election 2016trump 2020 GIFPolitical gif. Donald Trump nodding and then shaking his head giving disapproving looks.Hold It Donald Trump GIFDonald Trump Rnc GIF by Election 2016Political gif. In front of a large flashing sign, a smug Donald Trump walks toward us with his arms around two women: one in a short black dress, the other in a sequined pink dress.Donald Trump Reaction GIFDonald Trump GIFSounds Good Donald Trump GIF by Election 2016Political gif. Donald Trump is standing in front of American Flags giving a speech. He says, "I'm really rich," in full seriousness.Confused Donald Trump GIF
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