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Groovy Tuesday
Good Morning Love
Taco Tuesday
Best Friends Dog GIF by Best Friends Animal SocietyWorking Good Morning GIF by Sappy SealsTuesday Feet GIFIllustrated gif. White dog sits, moves his ears up and dog, and wagging his tag happily. Two big pink hearts appear over his head. Text, “Happy two’s day!”Text gif. Flashing in yellow and blue amongst teal confetti dances the word, “Tuesday.”Cartoon gif. Chippy the Dog wags its tail as two pink hearts pop up above it. Wagging text reads, "Happy Two'sday!"90S Vhs GIF by Offline Granny!Cartoon gif. A green toaster rests on an orange surface in front of a yellow checkered background. Two pieces of toast pop out of the toaster as a hand reaches in to grab one. Text, "Happy Tuesday."Video gif. A person wearing a spacesuit with the visor up, appears to dance in a field as they walk through it, hands above their shoulders. We can see smoke in the background. Text, "Club going up on a Tuesday."Text gif. Bubbly, brightly colored letters bounce in front of a color-changing background. Text, "Tuesday."Video gif. Sunlight glistens across rippling water beside a rocky shore. Text, "Tuesday. At least it's not Monday."Tuesday Morning GIF by Digital PratikVideo gif. A small child drives a yellow, motorized toy car on grass near a sidewalk towards a young boy seated on the grass. The toy car pummels into the boy and drives over him. Text, "Tuesday Morning."Celebrity gif. Singer Fran Healy of the band Travis yawns deep in a green wool hat. Text, "Tired Tuesday."Kawaii gif. A little yellow bunny bounces up and down blowing us endless kisses while the flashing text above reads, "Tuesday!"Tuesday Morning Dance GIF by Sealed With A GIFWorking Days Of The Week GIF by Sealed With A GIFAnimated graphic gif. Bee buzzes around a smiling, winking flower that fills a window frame against a bright purple background. Text across the window reads, "Tuesday blessings."Video gif. A gray and orange cat lay next to each other. The orange cat moves his head around with wide eyes to get a better look at something, but the gray cat looks directly at us with a dismissive look. The gray cat places a paw around the orange one’s neck as if claiming him. Text, “Happy Twosday!’ written with the number 2.Video gif. A blurry video shows a man in a cubicle sitting in front of a 90s-style computer throwing his papers all around the room in disgust. Text, "It's only Tuesday?"Text gif. The word "Tuesday" flashes in teal, pink, orange, and blue over a background of tropical red flowers.Video gif. A slow zoom in on a person wearing a magenta tracksuit over a purple "gray alien" costume. Their body language seems slightly troubled, and the computer console behind them reads "Happy Tuesday".Video gif. In front of an orange-yellow backdrop with illustrations of orange clouds, black bats, and a black crescent moon, a bearded man in sunglasses, a gray t-shirt, and white pants busts some moves vaguely reminiscent of Thriller. Text, "Happy Tuesday."Text gif. Against a purple-pink ombre background, the words, "Have a wonderful Tuesday!" slingshot onto the screen as confetti rains down.Video game gif. A character from Fall Guys is parodying a scene from Love, Actually and stands in the doorway of someone's house with a sign that reads, "Happy Tuesday."
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