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Not Gonna Believe This
I Just Can't Believe It Happened
chris jericho what GIF by CBCExcited Season 5 GIF by FriendsLies No GIFSNL gif. Chris Farley in the Schmitts Gay Beer sketch lifts the sunglass portion of his double lenses in stunned surprise.Political gif. Barack Obama gestures in disbelief, holding both hands up and looking around as if to ask, “are you serious?”Incredulous Excuse Me GIFTV gif. Mariska Hargitay as Olivia Benson on Law and Order SVU leans forward on her desk and looks forward with a disappointed expression. She hides her face with both of her hands, looking down towards the desk.Video gif. An annoyed woman blinks impatiently, looking bored.Incredulous What Are You Doing GIFMovie gif. Jack Nicholson as Melvin in As Good As It Gets raises his sunglasses and then rubs his eyes with his gloved hand, looking annoyed.No Way Wow GIF by Max Aminishocked hugh laurie GIFShocked Threes Company GIFTV gif. American sports analyst and former Denver Broncos tight end tilts his head back, purses his lips outward, and closes his eyes as he adamantly shakes his head in disapproval. Celebrity gif. Britney Spears opens her mouth wide in surprise then looks around as if to say, "Can you believe this?"Shocked Genie GIFMovie gif. Soda jerk in old black and white movie pours a shake into an overflowing cup while looking stunned with his mouth gaping open.surprise shock GIFIncredulous Ll Cool J GIFShocked Friends GIFRosie Perez What GIFNeil Degrasse Tyson Reaction GIF by GoPopShocked No Way GIF by Red OaksCelebrity gif. Closeup of Shannon Sharpe as his eyes go wide in shock and he exaggeratedly mouths, "Whoa."Video gif. A woman looks down with her mouth open like he’s stunned. She closes her eyes as disappointment sets in.
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