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Please Stand By
Defectos (1995)
Defectos (1995)
No Signal
end of the world vhs GIF by Jeanjean Bananiavhs GIFmodel vhs GIF by vedutaVideo Glitch GIF by Altered State of MindSci-Fi Spinning GIF by Tachyons+Animation Illustration GIF by octavioterolvhs spinning GIF by Anthony AntonellisGIF by Jay Sprogell80's television GIF by vhspositiveretro old school GIF by Alex Trimpe80s floating GIF by leeamericastudio ghibli animation GIF by rotomanglerVhs Computer GIF by Royal SmithVideo gif. Man sits on the back of a speeding sports car with a retro boombox in his hand. The sports car races down a road towards a red sun.vhs GIFb&w vhs GIF by Roberto MalanoArt 80S GIF by Paula Morales3D Sounds Great GIF by #sazanimationVideo gif. Videos in double and triple vision of a man drinking out of a bottle while giving the middle finger and a drunk person stumbling over the hood of a parked car have glitchy static overlays, and as they play, a gold and blue fancy emblem flashes and gets closer to us, white text reading “Wasted” on the emblem.Video gif. A man staggers forward, trying to grab onto the side of a car. He then leans over too far and ends up falling down on his stomach. The video is glitching. No Idea Idk GIF by GlowieMake Love Glitch GIF by Altered State of MindVideo Game Loop GIF by somenervVideo gifs. Compilation of drunk fails. First, a rude drunk guy tips over a pizza box someone is carrying. Another, a man biking tries to drink water and crashes the bike. The last, a woman falls backwards off a bench.Vintage Video GIF
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