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Synchronized Head Tilts By Handsome Shepherds
Falling Ferret Does Backflip off Bed
Iguana Escapes Chainsaw With High Dive Into Pool
Horde of Raccoons Swarms Porch
Video gif. A trick of perspective is used to make it look like a man jumps from a step stool in the background into a cup of coffee in the foreground. As he appears to land in the cup, coffee spills out the saucer beneath it. Text, "Thursday."Wind Windy Wednesday GIF by ViralHogVideo gif. A cat is sticking its head out the window and they sneeze slightly as the breeze tickles their nose.Video gif. Three big dogs are playing in snow and they run before tossing themselves on the snow, slipping and sliding through the snow laden floor.Video gif. Two white dogs stand on their hind legs from a couch to peer out of a window, their tails wagging side to side in unison.Gym GIF by ViralHogVideo gif. Illusion of a man tuck jumping across the room and landing with a splash in a mug of coffee. Text, "Monday."Swing Close Call GIF by ViralHogVideo gif. Pug sits on a red toy tractor as it drives down a rocky driveway. The pug looks around calmly and licks his nose.Dog GIF by ViralHogVideo gif. Golden retriever dog has its head out of the window of a moving car. The wind blows in its face, catching on its lips causing them to spread open wide like a parachute.Highland Cows Chow Down On Picnic Buffet GIF by ViralHogVideo gif. Husky is caught holding a chicken gently in its jaws. It slowly puts the chicken down and the chicken walks away.Baby Crawls Face First Across The Floor GIF by ViralHogVideo gif. Golden retriever peels its lips back and starts snarling at another panting dog in front of it, but stops and turns to us with innocent and sad puppy eyes, then gives a big smile once the camera fully zooms in on its face.Cat GIF by ViralHogVideo gif. Pug and baby crawl around on the floor the same way, moving with their arms and letting their legs drag behind them.Dog GIF by ViralHogVideo gif. Dog attempts to avoid the snow by walking on it’s front paws with it’s butt in the air.Video gif. Golden Labrador sees its reflection in the mirror and begins to bark.Video gif. Seeing his human arriving home, a large white dog wiggles his entire backside in excitement.Dog GIF by ViralHogVideo gif. Golden retriever dog has its face wedged between a person and a seat, squishing up its flabby skin on the side of its head.Dog GIF by ViralHogDog GIF by ViralHog
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