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What What What
Wait What?
Wait, What?
Season 4 What GIF by The OfficeWait What Instinct GIF by CBSSurprised Wait What GIFWait What GIF by BounceConfused James Franco GIFCelebrity gif. Nigel Ng as Uncle Roger leans in and squints at a screen. He pulls back looking utterly confused as we cut in closer on his face. He says, "Wait what?" No Way Reaction GIF by BrownSugarAppScared Wait What GIF by DefyTVSeason 3 Wtf GIF by Bachelor in ParadiseConfused Season 1 GIF by ManifestWait What Prime Video GIF by Red, White & Royal BlueIm Sorry What GIF by Sara DietschyConfused Wait What GIFFriends Tv GIFReality TV gif. Jase Robertson from Duck Dynasty cranks his neck to turn and look at someone with utter disbelief on his face.Season 8 Episode 3 GIF by THE NEXT STEPConfused Excuse Me GIF by The Steve Wilkos ShowConfused Wait What GIFVideo gif. A whiskery cat turns to look up at us with wide eyes. Text, "Wait, what?"Confused Justin Timberlake GIF by The Academy Awardssay what GIF by Blindspotwait what GIFFriends Tv GIFWait What Reaction GIF by TrueRealWait What Reaction GIF by MOODMAN
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