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Confused Elizabeth Olsen GIF by Disney+TV gif. From WandaVision: Agnes Harkness (Kathryn Hahn) gives us an exaggerated wink and tilts her head with a smile.Elizabeth Olsen Cooking GIF by Disney+Confused Elizabeth Olsen GIF by Disney+Elizabeth Olsen Love GIF by Disney+Elizabeth Olsen Dancing GIF by Disney+Confused Elizabeth Olsen GIF by Disney+Scarlet Witch Wow GIF by Disney+Working Marvel Studios GIF by Disney+Scarlet Witch Love GIF by Disney+Scarlet Witch What GIF by Disney+Oh My Wow GIF by Disney+Snuggle Up Tv Show GIF by Disney+Disney gif. Paul Bettany as Vision in WandaVision. He's sitting down and he looks away in annoyance before turning back to quip, "I'm not amused." He turns his head again and shakes his head slightly while tightening his lips.Marvel Studios Shrug GIF by Disney+Wandavision GIFMarvel Studios What GIF by Disney+Marvel Studios Yes GIF by Disney+Marvel Studios Thank You GIF by Disney+Excited Marvel Studios GIF by Disney+Marvel GIFScarlet Witch Love GIF by Disney+Scarlet Witch Magic GIF by Disney+Scarlet Witch Marvel GIF by Disney+Kathryn Hahn GIF by
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