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what was that?
I'm Sorry, What?
What Was That?
TV gif. Kel Mitchell as Ed in Good Burger dressed for work. He looks to the side with attitude and leans back, wide eyes repeatedly blinking with great speed.Jamie Foxx Whats That GIF by Beat ShazamWeed What GIF by Eternal FamilyTV gif. Simon Cowell as host of X Factor cringes with his eyes closed, then covers his face with his hands. Bison Basketball What GIF by NCAA March MadnessGabriel Iglesias What GIF by Netflix Is a JokeHold On What GIF by BounceCelebrity gif. Standing on a stage behind a microphone, Martin Urbano puts his hand behind his ear and turns toward the mic gesturing like he can't hear.Video gif. Gerbert puppet turns side to side haltingly, appearing scared, and says, "what was that?" which appears as text.Reality TV gif. Man on Dog The Bounty Hunter holds a phone up to his ear and with a smile says, “What did you say?”No Way What GIF by InstacartSchitts Creek Comedy GIF by CBCWhat Is That Extra Terrestrial GIF by DefyTVFox Tv Reaction GIF by American GritHalloween Wtf GIF by This GIF Is HauntedTonight Show Seriously GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonCome Again Phoenix Suns GIF by NBAExcuse Me Reaction GIF by BounceSay What Golden State Warriors GIF by ESPNOh No Lol GIF by League of LegendsConfused Excuse Me GIF by Wigan AthleticDoctor Who What GIFClint Eastwood What GIF by GritTVSeason 4 What GIF by The OfficeQuestion What GIF by Harlem
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