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Why Is This Happening To Me?
Stock Market Crash
Coffee Spill
Friends gif. Looking frustrated, David Schwimmer as Ross looks towards the ceiling and asks, "Why me?”SpongeBob gif. SpongeBob (animated in the style of the SpongeBob Movie) screams and throws his hands to the sky as thunder and lightning flash. "Why? Why????" he screams.TV gif. Conan O'Brien dramatically breaks down in tears of agony and screams, “Whyyy.” His face is red and glistening with streams of tears. He then crumbles into himself and hangs his head low in complete devastation. Reality TV gif. Alyssa Ellman from Married at First Sight is giving an interview and she's upset. She questions, "Why me?" while using her hand to point at herself and widening her eyes.Groaning Oh No GIF by MaxTV gif. Mattie Webber as Meredith on MacGyver looks serious, shrugs and shakes her head, saying, "why me?"Frustrated Here We Go GIF by Sesame Streetwhy me GIF by Ice CubeWhy Me Itzy GIF by BuzzFeedsad why me GIF by The RoomWhy Me GIF by Beverley MitchellThe Loud House Animation GIF by NickelodeonAngry Season 2 Episode 7 GIF by Zoey's Extraordinary PlaylistGIF by NickelodeonThe Fresh Prince Of Bel Air No GIF by MaxWhy Me Video GIF by Eternal FamilyStressed Why Me GIF by NETFLIXFrustrated Friends Tv GIFMovie gif. Coraline from the movie Coraline rubs her hands down her face with worry.Why Me GIF by NETFLIXOh No Facepalm GIF by Declan McKennawhy me GIF by Ice CubeSad Spanish GIF by CucoCartoon gif. Rex the Lizard facepalms and rolls their eyes in embarrassment and asks "Why me?" Frustrated Jennifer Aniston GIF
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