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WTF It's Alive?
Somebody Please Explain
FaZe Hype Reaction
Movie gif. Closeup on an irritated Chris Tucker as Smokey from Friday, speaking angrily to someone offscreen. Text, "What kind of shit is that?"Parks and Recreation gif. Chris Pratt as Andy Dwyer looks at us with a big smile as he says, “WTF man?!” His mouth gets blurred as he says the swear word. TV gif. Megan Good as Camille on Harlem blinks her eyes and furrows her brow in confusion.Season 8 Wtf GIF by The OfficeReality TV gif. We zoom in on Simon Cowell on America's Got Talent as he leans way back and his eyes go wide.TV gif. We zoom in slightly on Steve Harvey who is profoundly puzzled by what he's just heard.Political gif. Barack Obama gestures in disbelief, holding both hands up and looking around as if to ask, “are you serious?”Video gif. A little blonde girl wearing a pink shirt is strapped into a car seat in the back seat of a car. She looks at us with a confused, somewhat disgusted expression. She clearly disapproves of something--disapproves a lot. Angry What Is This GIF by Adult SwimTV gif. Marc Maron as Sam Sylvia from GLOW is dressed appropriately as he stands on a tennis court holding a racquet and shrugs with disappointment.Jimmy Fallon What GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonReality TV gif. RuPaul in RuPaul's Drag Race wears a voluminous blonde wig and colorful one-shoulder top with a puffy sleeve. Text, "What the hell?"Video gif. A woman pulls on Nick Young's arm, trying to hold his hand. Nick looks at her with confusion, but is trying to be polite. The camera zooms on his face and turns to look stare into the camera with a big confused grin on his face. Question marks appear around his head.Digital art gif. Cutout of Blink-182's Tom Delonge wearing a blonde wig in the music video for "First Date" and mouthing "what the fuck," against a teal gradient with purple confetti and 3-D pink text, "WTF?"Video gif. A young boy's eyes move slowly and thoughtfully from left to right. In realization, he looks back to the left and tilts his head in confusion.Dan Levy Wtf GIF by CBCStand Up What GIF by 800 Pound Gorilla MediaTV gif. Tyler James Williams as Gregory from Abbott Elementary looks around nervously before staring straight at us.Meme gif. Strange looking, broken monkey toy has its mouth open like it was going to say something, but then stops, closing its mouth. Its mouth moves like it's thinking. We then get very close to it and it turns its face towards us, but it can’t look at us because its eyes are wrong.Parks and Recreation gif. Nick Offerman as Ron stares intensely at the floor before looking right at us with a confused expression and saying, "What the hell just happened?" which appears as text.TV gif. Rowan Atkinson as Mr. Bean looks up, flares his nostrils, and contorts his facial expression into one of confused incredulity before throwing up his hand in disgust and vigorously nodding his head. Video gif. A goofy-looking man overacting astonished bewilderment. Text, "WTF???!!!"Sports gif. Eli Manning, mouth agape in indignant disbelief, mutters "what the fuck."TV gif. Dr. Phil sits on stage, closing his eyes as if he heard something unbelievable. He shakes a little bit, his mind blown, and steadies himself with his arms out. He blinks fast as he processes what he just heard.Celebrity gif. A shocked Rami Malek turns to look at us, wide-eyed.
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