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GIPHY PSA I'm Here For You
In the Bag
We are not giving up.
Celebrity gif. Shalita Grant points at us then tilts her head with an affirming nod and smile. Text, "You got this."Schitt's Creek gif. Catherine O'Hara as Moira raises her fist as she turns away from the camera, saying with gusto, "Courage!"Illustrated gif. A boy in a red hat keeps his eyes closed as he takes a deep breath in with his shoulders rising, then breathes out again. Text, "Breath in. Breathe out. You got this."Cartoon gif. An animated yellow star wearing sunglasses points toward the audience and gives an encouraging thumbs up. Stars twinkle behind him as pink and blue letters wiggle below him. Text, "You can do it!"Text gif. Hearts and stars dance around chalk-like text on a blue background. Text, "You got this."Video gif. A spirited toddler gives an emphatic thumbs up and erupts in a cheesy grin. Text, "You got this."Cartoon gif. A blinking owl with a mortarboard sits on a branch, holding a pointer to a chalkboard at the end of the branch. The chalkboard reads "you've got this!!"Cartoon gif. We see stop-motion animation of a yellow cat made of yarn, struggling to cling to a yarn branch in a nod to the classic poster. Text: "Hang in there."Illustrated gif. A yellow and white flower with a smiley face in the middle expands with the text saying, “Breathe in,” and then after a few seconds it shrinks into a plain yellow ball with the text saying, “Breathe out. You got this.” Celebrity gif. Bill Murray wears a tux and holds a drink as he raises one eyebrow and points toward us with two fingers. Text, "You got this."Celebrity gif. Chloe and Halle grin and point at us as they simultaneously say, "You got this."TV gif. Oprah Winfrey rests a hand under her chin like she's studying someone. Text, "Your future's so bright it burns my eyes."TV gif. Wearing a white shirt and tie, Max Greenfield as Schmidt from New Girl aggressively psyches himself up in the bathroom mirror. Text, "You got this, dawg. Look at you, dawg. Look at you!"TV gif. Wearing a white shirt and tie, Max Greenfield as Schmidt from New Girl aggressively psyches himself up in the bathroom mirror. Text, "You got this, son!"TV gif. Kristen Bell as Veronica in Veronica Mars winks at us as she points a finger gun our way. Text gif. On a flashing blue and black background, the text, “You can do it” is written in cute bubble font with each letter a different color including red, pink, yellow, blue, white, and green.Video gif. Teddy Too-Big, a purple mascot bear, pops up as a trio and dances, while text appears above that says "you got this!"TV gif. An energetic child in a red blazer points offscreen as if saying "yeah!" Text, "You got this."Celebrity gif. In front of an orange background resembling a can of Bubly water, Michael Buble makes finger-guns at us and nods with a straight face. Text, "You got this."Ad gif. The Most Interesting man alive from the Dos Equis commercials points to the camera with a serious look on his face. The text reads: “You got this.”TV gif. Chase Stokes as John B from Outer Banks hangs out the driver's side window of his beat-up old van, one arm resting on the other. "Hey, don't worry. You got this," he says, which appears as text. Text gif. The text blinks blue light like a neon sign. Text, “You got this.”TV gif. Lisa Kudrow as Valerie Cherish on the Comeback dances in a recording studio. She points her fingers up in the air and has a big smile on her face. Illustrated gif. A little round yellow bird stands with its wings to its side. A text bubble above its head says simply, "You got this."SNL gif. Comedian Kenan Thompson sits at a club table in a suit, raises his fists in encouragement and says "You've got this, baby!"
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