zzz1,430 GIFs


I love my pillow!
Goodnight My Love
Tuckered Pup Can't Stay Upright
Napping Zard
Video gif. A sleepy baby sitting on a couch falls face forward on the couch.Digital art gif. A Siamese cat sits propped up against a wall with its head slumped. Not a single muscle is moving from the cat, and the text buzzes above it, reading, "Zzzz."Bored Sleep GIF by Dark IglooIllustrated gif. A green lizard lying on its back, asleep and snoring. Text, "z z z."TV gif. Don Knotts as Barney Fife on the Andy Griffith Show turns around after facing a radio, and reveals his tired, almost corpse-like face and disheveled hair. He has his hands over his face then drags them down his face in agony. Anime gif. Sailor Moon snuggles under a purple comforter, then yawns and pulls the blanket over her head.Movie gif. Ed Helms as Stu in The Hangover. He lays facedown on the floor and his glasses are laying next to him. A chicken in the back walks by as he blinks himself awake.TV gif. Jennette McCurdy as Sam in iCarly seated on the couch, falls over dramatically, miming instantaneously falling asleep, uneaten potato chips falling out of her mouth.Tired Sweet Dreams GIF by Pudgy PenguinsMovie gif. Boss Baby sits in his high chair with his head back as he sleeps lifelessly. His tongue is falling out of his mouth and his eyes are rolled back. His big head rolls around and falls flat onto the table, jerking him awake. He’s now back in business, like he was never asleep, and picks up his file to read it better.Cartoon gif. Tom of Tom and Jerry sluggishly looks down at a roll of tape. He takes two pieces and tapes his eyelids way back on his head so they are as wide as they can be.Sleep Sleeping GIF by mushroommovieCelebrity gif. Lilly Singh is passed out on a couch, sleeping face down. She gets woken abruptly, looking as if she's heard or smelled something strange, and she glances around in confusion. Sleepy Pbs Nature GIF by Nature on PBSVideo gif. A little girl lies face down on the floor. With one hand, she clings to the pole of a small, rotating carousel, and is dragged in a circle.Kawaii gif. A light brown bear sinks into a cushion as it breathes heavily in its sleep with Zs float above its head. Illustrated gif. A blue cat is sound asleep. Zs rolls over top of its head. Illustration gif. Man with a beard sleeps peacefully tucked in with a blue blanket.Samsungsg alphabet best tech galaxy GIFMusic video gif. Paul McCartney in his music video for Pipes of Peace. He's wearing an old school military outfit and is snuggled up in a trench as he's about to fall asleep. Text, "Nap time."Tired Zzz GIF by Red FangGood Night Love GIF by Chippy the DogThe Office gif. John Krasinski as Jim sits at his desk typing slowly. We can see Jenna Fischer as Pam at her desk in the background. Jim slowly gives up, planting his face on his desk, and Pam smiles in reaction in the background.Disney gif. Sleepy from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs rests his face on his hand as he struggles to keep his eyes open, before falling asleep in his arms.Sports gif. Charles Barkley, wearing a suit on air, slowly closes his eyes, succumbing to sleep on the job. Wake up, Charles!
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