Abi Bock
Client Lead
Alex Chung
Founder, CEO
Alex Hoang
Core Engineer
Alex Magnin
Head of Revenue
Alix McAlpine
Director of Content Strategy
Amanda Grant
Executive Operations
Amanda Kaufmann
Director of Product
Amanda Murphree
Senior Software Engineer
Andrea Wagner
Director of Partner Development
Andy Sebela
Campaign Manager
Anthony Johnson
Chief Technology Officer
Anthony O'Brien
Senior DevOps Engineer
Ari Spool
Programs Manager
Arielle Martorana
Bassem Ali
Director of Engineering
Becky Dole
Content Partnerships
Ben Loescher
Bjorn Roche
Senior Media Pipeline Engineer
Bowen Slate Greene
Director of API Products
Brad Zeff
Chief Content Officer + General Counsel
Brooke Goldfarb
Sales Coordinator
Bryant Rockoff
Site Reliability Engineer
Cam Giberson
Executive Assistant
Caroline Huber
VP of Product
Cat Powell
Community Manager
Cem Kozinoglu
Director of Mobile Engineering
Chris Cubellis
Product Designer
Chris Maier
Mobile Engineer
Chris Vavra
Associate Director of Photography
Christopher Hranj
Software Engineer
Collin Burger
Director of Engineering
Cosmo Cochrane
Software Engineer
Dani Newman
Director of Arts and Community
Danny Chang
Technical Partnerships Manager
David Rosenberg
Head of Business Development
Dawnie Jefferson
Office Coordinator
Domitille Collardey Adebimpe
Art Director and Producer
Dylan Römer
Mobile Engineer
Eric Goldfarb
Head of Recruiting
Erica Seamster
Support Specialist
Gianni Ferullo
Senior Engineer
Giorgia Marenda
iOS Engineer
Henry Agyekum
Creative Director
Hillary Gilmore
Head of Sales, East
Isaiah Lawrence
Operations Manager
Jacob Graff
Software Engineer
Jake Walker
Sales Coordinator
Jason Clarke
Animator & Producer
Jason Stein
Director of Business Development
Jen Rubnitz
Assistant General Counsel
Jess Gilliam
Brand Creative Director
Jesse Ling
Software Engineer
Jillian Fisher
Product Designer
Johanna Kenney
Product Designer
Jonny McLaughlin
Director of Engineering
Josh Freydkis
Art Director
Justin Garbett
Content Development Manager
Kyle Carlson
Office Manager
Lauren Powers
Director of Finance
Laurence Girard
Director of API Engineering
Leroy Patterson
Senior Editor
Meg Lewis
Social Media Editor
Mike Bruno
Associate Producer and Director
Nam Nguyen
Natalie James
Art Director
Natalie Vegel
Director of Communications
Nick Hasty
Director of Research and Development
Nick Santaniello
Senior Product Engineer
Nima Khoshini
Senior Software Engineer
Pamela Thomas
Client Services Partner
Parker Jackson
Art Director
Priya Shah
Content Development Manager
Ralph Bishop
Director of Design
Randy Shepherd
VP of Engineering
Rebekah Huber
Head of Content Partnerships
Romy Saplicki
Head of Operations
Roni Magendzo
Finance Manager
Sabrina Pacheco
Director of Content Partnerships
Sadie Novello
Head of Studios
Samantha Albert
Partnerships Manager
Sazan Pasori
Graphics Editor
Sean Quigley
Search Engineering Lead
Simon Gibson
Head of Audience
Sixuan Liu
Senior Software Engineer
Stacy Rizzetta
Director of Content Development
Stephanie Weber
Production Manager
Susanna Perlov
Social Media Manager
Tiffany Vazquez
Content Development Manager
Tomas Ferraro
Content Development Manager
Tyler Menzel
Head of Content Development
Utah Ingersoll
Director of Engineering
Wallis Millar-Blanchaer
Associate Producer and Director
Walter Menendez
Data Engineer
Yael Elmatad
Lead Data Scientist
Yev Belilovskiy
Editor and DP
Yo Kim
Content Strategy Director
Zack Kantor