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*Personal Statement*

Hello, my name is James White and I graduated with a
BA Honours Degree in Fine Art and specialise in
Fine Art and Photography.
My works isolate the movements of humans and/or objects.
By doing so, new sequences are created which reveal an inseparable relationship between motion and aesthetics to create intense personal moments, frozen in time that depict an alternate 'glitch like world.'
The Everyday Glitch is a project whereby I look at the everyday world and flip it on its head, warping our perception on our reality within the digital climate for what a photographic image can be, forming an intertwining bond of the ‘errors’ becoming the happy accidents.
My work revolves around ‘camera-less photography’ but is brought up to speed within today’s digital climate.
Dysfunctional hybrids of the analogue and the digital are made to further express a feeling of the abnormal, thus enhance our minds on what a glitch can be.
Underlying irony is used in the work as a way of reinforcing the idea of the glitch within the viewer and the ideologies behind Photography, but is made as a playful anecdote to reject the mastery.

My works are deconstructed to a degree where the form is either semi-recognisable or not at all, making the viewer create their own meaning and interpretation.