All of the Earth GIFs!
Sponsored gif. Gerald Downey wearing a plaid shirt leans in and looks at us with a warm smile as a can of Busch Light beer flies across a surface to land perfectly in his hand. He lifts the beer to give a cheers, raising an eyebrow in an inviting, playful way. Text, "Beer me."Jayda G Ecosystems GIF by CNNIllustrated gif. Clouds move to the side to reveal a smiling sun. Text, “Good Morning.”Happy Ice Hockey GIF by NHLHappy Birthday GIF by MoonbugCartoon gif. Chippy the Dog wags its tail as two pink hearts pop up above it. Wagging text reads, "Happy Two'sday!"Tuesday Feet GIFIllustrated gif. A young girl smiles with her eyes closed and holds a steaming mug that says, "Coffee." A smiley-faced heart flutters above. Text, "Good morning."Cartoon gif. A knitted shark is bent over as it sleeps under water. A glove on a stick reaches up to poke the shark in the nose, and it wakes up, jumping excitedly out of the water, pausing in the air as text appears, "Good morning!" The shark falls back into water and it repeats in a perfect loop. Dance Dancing GIF by tv2norgeHappy Ice Hockey GIF by NHLText gif. The words “Happy Birthday” bounce back and forth in festive colors in all caps on a black background.
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