All of the Pride Month GIFs!
Buddhism GIF by GIF Greeting CardsDigital illustration gif. Rainbow-colored bunch of balloons hover and float up and down as confetti falls against a white background. Text, "Happy birthday!'Bless You Sigh GIF by CocoJuiceGood Morning Cat GIF by Franziska HöllbacherSeinfeld gif. Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Elaine, and Jason Alexander as George celebrate with their hands in the air and fast feet alternating rapidly on the ground. Text, "Fri-yay!"Video gif. An animatronic pig has his head out of a car window with a huge smile on its face. It holds two green, yellow, and red pinwheels that rapidly spin in the wind. The pig waves them around excitedly. The text says, “It’s Friday!!"Illustrated gif. A gray coffee cup with blinking eyes and a red bowtie dips its Z-shaped legs as it raises a brown hat, steam rising from the coffee brown contents. Text, "Good morning."Video gif. A little boy in a Chuck E. Cheese birthday crown dances in celebration. Text, “Celebrate!!!”Video gif. A tiny inflatable tube man sits on a table flailing around erratically. The camera pans over to a real man copying the tube man’s movements, flailing his arms and body around.Video gif. A montage of cute animals have animated, pixelated sunglasses slide down over their faces before messages celebrating Friday appear. Text, "Happy Friday!", "It's Friday!"The Beautiful Game Goal GIF by World CupCartoon gif. Letters bounce around, changing colors and patterns as they spell out the Text, "Happy Birthday."
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