Health Care GIF by INTO ACTIONText gif. A white swirled, neon background flashes with the colorful Text, There are white eyeballs in the "A's" and flames over certain letters. Text, "Yay It's Your Birthday!"Olympic Sports Fun GIF by Janelle DeWittVideo gif. Seated on a couch, a baby lazily falls forward onto the cushion, landing on their face. Text, "Good night! Zzz"Video gif. Cat sits on a stool at a cafe counter near a window looking out at a busy city. The cat lounges on the stool, propping his arm on the counter very coolly, a cup of coffee and a glass of water in front of him.See Ya Laughing GIF by LaffCartoon gif. A white dog, set against a pink background with a giant red heart on it that says "I love you," bounces onto the screen holding a bright blue sign that says, "Very very much!"Video gif. Low angle as if looking up from the bottom of a well, of a raccoon bopping their head to the beat, dancing around in a circle. Movie gif. A minion from Despicable Me smiles as he pulls himself close to us. He makes a kissy face and closes his eyes as he kisses us.Cartoon gif. Letters bounce around, changing colors and patterns as they spell out the Text, "Happy Birthday."Health Care GIF by INTO ACTIONGood Night Sleep GIF
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