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The official GIPHY page of Savvy Turtle® Savvy Turtle’s evolution in music is set to breathe new life into the scene as his workflow and enthusiasm continue to build. The self-made artist and entrepreneur delivers some of the most catchy and immersive classics of our time, with faultless musicianship throughout, and vocals that consistently raise the roof. Inspiring rocker and artist Savvy Turtle has built a respectable following across his recent time spent immersed in music, thanks to a lasting combination of talent, passion, precision and devotion to the cause. Boasting dozens of original releases to his name and spanning from electrifying rock solos and gritty vocals to the country warmth and intimacy of collaborative hits like ‘Domesticated Man’, Savvy Turtle’s repertoire is one of eclecticism amidst a well-rooted and recognizable sense of identity. Writing from the heart but also performing from a place of clear love for the genre, classic rock and roll plays as much a part in his journey as family values and poetic contemplation. The war veteran experienced devastating injuries during his time in Iraq and subsequently spent many months recovering in Walter Reed, before being able to finally turn to and release the music that kept his mind and heart active. Unique in story but also in the fact that the musician and songwriter is completely deaf, Savvy Turtle’s professionalism and embrace as an artist far precedes any personal struggles that have impacted his journey. That is to say, turn up the volume and delve in, and you’d be forgiven for assuming there were no difficulties behind the music at all.


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