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Oh tay… listen up, it’s BIGGER AND BLUER DEN EVER. My name is Blu and I live in NYC. My servants made these stickers for me based on some dank memes that I share with my other cat friends on iMessage (my dog friends are all green bubbles, so I blocked them). You can see my natural habitat of drinking tons of coffee, working to death, and crying because my owner didn’t buy me the latest Gucci pillowcase. So, stop what you’re doing right now and download these most purrrfect stickers that have ever appeared on the App Store… or else I’ll come to your house and cough up a fur ball… and you don’t want that…….. No one wants that.

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Cat Celebrate GIFSummer Drinking StickerFinger Whatever StickerArm Yes StickerDesign Computer StickerDance Dancing StickerCat No StickerFire Flame Up StickerCat Corona StickerScottish Fold Cat Sticker
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