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An adjunct lecturer of Musashino Art University and Kyoto University of Art and Design.

In 1993, after learning architecture at Tokyo University of Science , He noticed "The design defects of architecture cause the serious accidents. Even the lives and properties can be lost by them".
He believes blindly that "ANIMATION is only the ROBBER of TIME." By watching ANIMATION,your eyes focus on the screen, your ears listen to the sound. And your body…is just sitting on the seat. Your life and time are fixed in the theater. If it's a good work,it gives you a good impression and will be a big entertainment. If it's horrible it just steals hours off; neither their lives nor properties. And at the field of Animation, he can design the buildings and their circumstances as he wishes. He can build the uninhabitable houses and the defective houses...etc. He noticed what he really want to challenge as a creator. These ideas lead him to CG ANIMATOR. He studied CG ANIMATION at TOHO GAKUEN Media Training Collage for 2 years. After that,since 1996,he started to work as a free-lance CG ANIMATOR and a DIRECTOR through many CG production companies.

The representative works are TREEDOM(1999), SCRAPLAND(2006), The Line Magic by Red & Blue (2006), Frog Box(2009). In 12th Hiroshima international animation festival 2008, he designed posters, T-shirt, tickets and web design. "The Line Magic by Red & Blue" won the Diploma for Wit and Light Perception in BIMINI2007 (Latvia) and Jury recommendation work in 2007 Japan Media Arts Festival(Tokyo). "Treedom" and "SCRAPLAND" were seleected Annecy, Cinanima, Anima Mundi, Animadrid and many international competitions, and was screened in ICA (Boston/U.S.A), the Pompidou Center(Paris/France).