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If you love emo and pop punk music, then Emo vs. Pop Punk (EvPP) is the event for you. Emo vs. Pop Punk (EvPP) is a unique musical experience that showcases the underground music scene of the early 2000s & and all the glory of love those genres have to offer. Whether you’re an elder emo of the scene or just getting into understanding the whole eyeliner thing, we’ve got something for everyone. EvPP is the brainchild of DJ Brian Buckley in Chicago and then expanded to Kansas City in 2019 with DJ Joey Donut. The mission behind Emo vs. Pop Punk is to maintain a local presence, provide a safe & inviting space, all while establishing a consistent spot for you to hear your favorite sad songs and singalongs loud. With many years spent on tours like the Van's Warped Tour, those behind EvPP understand the importance of that culture and music that was never just a phase. We strive to create a unique and memorable experience celebrating the music that shaped us all. It is the ultimate event for those who love to hear the best of both genres, with all-night dance parties featuring the biggest hits from bands like Taking Back Sunday, Fall Out Boy, New Found Glory, My Chemical Romance, Blink-182, A Day to Remember and more. From the main stage to the parking lot after-parties of festivals long ago, EvPP is the perfect place to experience the best of both worlds. Emo vs. Pop Punk is more than just an Emo Night, it's a movement & a tribute to an era that is still trucking along. It’s a place to come together and relive the nostalgia of being an Emo Kid during the golden age of emo. So whether you're a scene kid, or just a fan of good music, join us for all the angst your teenage dirtbag heart desires. Follow Chicago: @emovspoppunk Kansas City: @emovspoppunkkc
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