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Cartoon gif. An exhausted, sweating yellow sun fans itself with one hand. It holds in its other hand a light blue cloud with eyes, which it uses to wipe the sweat from you wink GIF by MunchiesPoop Wtf GIFsad clash of clans GIF by Clasharamakitchen hugging GIFsweat brow GIF Hunter Wipe GIF by G2 Esportsseason 6 WIPING GIF by BBCbig boy search GIF by South Park Cleaning Wipe GIF by KärcherRussell Westbrook Good Job GIF by NBAwipe star wars GIF by maskworld.comCleaning Wipe GIF by Dr BeckmannWipe Make Up GIF by Anne-Marieemma stone crying GIFWipe How I Met Your Mother GIF by LaffWipe Golden State Warriors GIF by ESPNpajama sam darkness GIF by Verkniptpajama sam darkness GIF by VerkniptBlotting Fox Tv GIF by Empire FOXSweating Right Wing GIF by FCG RugbyWipe Regular Season GIF by NFLWipe No Make Up GIF by Anne-MarieShocked Season 3 GIF by The Simpsons
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