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Afraid of the Dark

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SNL gif. A frightened, wide-eyed Kenan Thompson is so still that you almost can't tell this is a gif.Screaming Season 4 GIF by Broad CityTV gif. Nathan Arenas as Jorge in Bunk'd. He's sitting in a chair and is looking at something that's spooking him. He recoils at the sight and puts his finger in his mouth, like children do when they're scared.  Scared Scooby Doo GIF by MashedVideo game gif. Kirby is super scared and his whole body trembles. Sweat pours down from his forehead. Brian Sacca Omg GIF by Wreckedafraid john carpenter GIFBe Afraid Be Very Afraid Star Wars GIF by Disney+The Phantom Menace Fear GIF by Star WarsTV gif. David Mann as Leroy in Meet the Browns backs away then runs from a man chasing him. He glances over his shoulder before hooking a left and darting away. Scared Bladesmiths GIF by DefyTVVideo gif. St. Louis Cardinals fan sits in the audience with his hands on his face like horse blinders. He has a worried look in his eyes and then he covers his eyes because he’s too scared to look.Cartoon gif. Bartleby the purple cat from True and the Rainbow Kingdom holds its paws up to its face as its wide eyes glow as if terrified. Scared Jin GIF by The Late Late Show with James CordenScared Park Chan Wook GIF by NEONDaniella Pineda Yes GIF by ABC NetworkScared Oh No GIF by Sesame StreetScared Super Troopers GIF by Searchlight PicturesScared Caitlin Stasey GIF by Smile MovieSad Error GIF by TRTFriends gif. Matthew Perry as Chandler and Matt Leblanc as Joey stand shocked as Chandler runs and jumps in fear into Joey's arms. Scared Jeff Goldblum GIFscared are you afraid of the dark GIFTV gif. Andy Samberg as Peralta in Brooklyn Nine Nine flails forward and falls as an explosive fire bursts out behind him.Scared Episode 4 GIF by Dexter
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