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Jimmy Fallon Anticipation GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonAd gif. Jeff Goldblum in an ad for He has his fists raised in front of his face and quivers with excitement, kind of looking like he needs to pee but is ecstatic about it. Season 8 Tns GIF by THE NEXT STEPVideo gif. A teen boy grabs some popcorn before settling into his couch to watch something--drama, perhaps?Excited Lets Go GIF by NOW WE'RE TALKING TV SERIESrocky horror picture show anticipation GIFSuspense Anticipation GIFCartoon gif. A very nervous man with long hair and glasses holds one hand to his head as he breathes into a paper bag.Snl Going To Be Good GIF by Saturday Night LiveTuesday Anticipation GIFExcited Jimmy Fallon GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonJames Franco Waiting GIF by A24Excited I Want GIF by Chimpersbill hader anticipation GIF by Saturday Night LiveStressed GIF by BoJack HorsemanIllustrated gif. Two floating hands cross their fingers tightly as sparkles shimmer around the hands. Text, “Fingers crossed.”Excited Bobby Hill GIF by MOODMANJon Stewart Popcorn GIFReality TV gif. Jason Derulo is a judge on So You Think You Can Dance and he jumps out of his seat in excitement, looking up at the ceiling and roaring, "Let's go!" while the other judges jump up with him.big mouth waiting GIF by NETFLIXNervous Raf Simons GIF by Dior and IExcited Bounce GIF by shoboshoboTV gif. Comedian Steve Harvey sits on the bench of the Judge Steve Harvey courtroom show. He grins and gesticulates as he tells his audience the show is about to be "So good." Text, "This is about to be so good."maya erskine waiting GIF by HULUSeason 2 Waiting GIF by PBS
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