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TV gif. Raven Symone's eyes dart around nervously while she chews gum.Video game gif. Kirby is super scared and his whole body trembles. Sweat pours down from his forehead. TV gif. Kermit the Frog from The Muppets chews on his frog fingers as if he has fingernails and trembles in fear. The Office gif. Zoom in on Steve Carell as Michael who is standing next to Rainn Wilson as Dwight. Michael cringes nervously, biting his lower lip with all his teeth. His face is bright red.SNL gif. Kristen Wiig stands in a living room wearing a giant, multi-colored sweater which she pulls up over her mouth with both hands like she's trying to hide. Her mouth comes back out of it as she screams in horror. Nervous Rap Game GIF by TrueRealCartoon gif. A very nervous man with long hair and glasses holds one hand to his head as he breathes into a paper bag.Butters GIF by South ParkMusic video gif. Standing in front of a dark blue background and wearing a black hoodie, Blackbear waves his hands, and the word "Anxiety" appears between them.Movie gif. Tom Hanks as Jimmy in A League of Their Own anxiously watches, clutching his chest in stress.Scared Anxiety GIF by Out of OfficeTV gif. Anthony Carrigan as NoHo Hank in Barry stands in an office with wide eyes and an excitable grin. He bounces slightly as he says, "I'm, like, legit nervous."Illustration No GIFnervous the simpsons GIFantm24 waiting GIF by America's Next Top ModelScared 3D GIF by Sam Jack GilmoreSad Anxiety GIF by YevbelNervous Episode 15 GIF by One ChicagoTV gif. Park Eun-bin as Woo Young-woo in Extraordinary Attorney Woo. She's sitting in the passenger seat of a car and slowly peers at the driver, trying to gauge their mood.Season 2 Drama GIF by PBSTV gif. Close-up on the face of Stimpy from Ren and Stimpy. Drops of sweat pour down his big, worried eyes and blue nose. The Simpsons Bart GIF by MOODMANanxious brothers and sisters GIF by HULUTV gif. Kevin Hart on Real Husbands of Hollywood says "I'm nervous," then smiles and laughs, covering his mouth with a fist and then looking deeply worried.Deepika Padukone Flirting GIF by Under 25
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