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Celebrity gif. Morgan Freeman sits amongst a crowd at an award show. He looks up at the stage with admiration and a wide smile spread across his face. He gives big, strong claps to signify how proud he is. Celebrity gif. Simon Cowell stands up after a performance and enthusiastically applauds and flashes two thumbs up.Schitt's Creek gif. Catherine O'Hara as Moira sits up pleased and claps her hands excitedly.Reality TV gif. Jennifer Lopez as host of World of Dance wears a gold sequin turtleneck and a serious pout as she stands up to clap like she's impressed. Kawaii gif. A jubilant white bunny with pink ears and cheeks claps its hands together, ears flapping up and down as it shakes with delight.TV gif. A camera zooms out on a large crowd of celebrities sitting at an award show. The front row claps, sitting down, and laughing with wide smiles on their faces. The rows behind them stand up to give a standing ovation, cheering on the person on stage with immense enthusiasm.Reality TV gif. Simon Cowell as judge on AGT stands up from his table, claps, and gives two thumbs up to right of frame.Surprised Well Done GIF by NBCTV gif. Three dogs, "clapping."Movie gif. Richard Harris as Dumbledore from Harry Potter looks down at the hall of children with an almost bored expression on his face. He holds one hand out and pats it with his other hand as a way of clapping politely.TV gif. A crowd of Peanuts characters applause and cheers in You're Not Elected, Charlie Brown.Celebrity gif. Ryan Gosling wears a tux at an awards ceremony as he claps with a knowing smile on his face.Disney gif. Snow White claps and sways as if listening to music.Celebrity gif. Will Smith bites his nails nervously then claps his hands in excitement.Movie gif. Deadpool gives us some (possibly sarcastic) applause.Celebrity gif. With a tense face, Shalita Grant begins to slow clap, transitioning to clapping faster into a full applause.Celebrity gif. Taylor Swift leans forward and claps energetically while shouting, "Yes!"Movie gif. We see a large audience start applauding enthusiastically. We move up higher as balloons float up from the crowd, people stand, and acrobats come down from the ceiling.The Office gif. Steve Carell as Michael Scott claps his hands vigorously as the camera zooms in on his face. He's obviously excited, mouthing "wow," over and over. Wildlife gif. Chimpanzee chews and appears to be clapping his hands lightly.dancer GIFVideo gif. Eddie Murphy Leans back, a wide grin on his face, and emphatically claps his hands together as if to say, "There we go!"Happy Boiled Egg GIF by curly_madsStop motion gif. Claymation penguin Pingu stands in a snowy landscape and claps his flipper-like wings in applause. Applaud Standing Ovation GIF by Black Market
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